Something More Than This
2018 - 2019
With the focus on chores done in and around the house, these photographs incorporate embroidered women carrying out specific tasks.
Life Lines
2016 - Present
A visual journal of a specific moment each day drawn in a sketchbook.
The Evident Beauty Around Us
Finding images of beautiful things in an overgrown or junky intimate landscape is a trend I've noticed going through my contact sheets.
This Bridge
2015 - 2016
The Beechwood Boulevard Bridge has been an important structure for me in the short time I've lived in Pittsburgh.
Panoptica: A Merging World
Inside this world we all know each other’s secrets. We may not verbalize, but the compassion is there. These photographs help the viewer acknowledge the understanding of the connectedness we all share.
Nodal Point
It’s that point in time when you are driving the same route you always drive and you arrive at your destination but have no recollection of getting there.
Raystown Lake
I was reading Henry David Thoreau's Walden in the summer of 2012. The same time I went on a vacation with my husband's family on a houseboat traversing Raystown Lake, a twisty-turny region tucked in the middle of Pennsylvania.
Static Transmutation
2007 - 2008
Cohabitation inside a vessel traveling at 50 miles per hour headed in the direction intended for transport of strangers. Gentle brush of shoulder against shoulder. Eye contact challenged. Enclosed in a capsule, forced to share routine.
Journey to Thirty
I decided to fly to Oregon, the land of my birth, and spend the actual birthday in the cold mountains submerged in warm spring waters.
Gods and Goddesses (Ephemeris)
2005 - Present
This series happens randomly. Usually when I'm testing an old camera and walking around outside, exploring and searching for anything.
Lift Point
In the past the goal was to meet family in Wisconsin and to enjoy different locations along the way. This particular time, however, was a more melancholy trip.
Photographs of tourists in touristy areas from the perspective of a child's height. These images are glimpses into my memories of traveling with my parents during my childhood.
I fabricated a vortoscope out of three mirrors and used the winter landscape of Maine as my subject to create these vortographs.