Panoptica: A Merging World

The public side of us is groomed as best as possible. No garden left unmaintained. No cracks or crevices left untreated. Made up, brushed and cleansed, it is the side showing all colors as vivid and as loud as possible. But the private side of us is entrapped. Stuck to bad habits and bad feelings. It is who we are, truly. 
I created a world inside a plastic camera that connects all the ideas of a colorful public side. But look carefully and notice it is not all as wonderful as it seems. There are some imperfections. These discrepancies, or the private side, are exhibited in black and white and in fine focus to be sure the viewer notices these details that help describe who we are. 
Panoptica is a merging world that connects all of us. It allows us to blend. Inside this world we all know each other’s secrets. We may not verbalize, but the compassion is there. These photographs help the viewer acknowledge the understanding of the connectedness we all share. 

Ink jet prints varying widths from 75" to 85" x 7"
Toned silver gelatin prints 10" x 10"