The Talking Bouquet

Analog process
Cotton and silk thread on toned gelatin silver prints 10" x 10"
2018 to 2021

Drawing from the language of flowers, The Talking Bouquet represents a three-part series about one's well-being. The subject embroidered on these prints is referred to as Everywoman. She starts at a point of commonality titled Coriander and evolves from contemplative what-ifs in Hollyhock to recognizing her voice in the final part aptly titled Chrysanthemum. Everywoman's hidden worth is celebrated with ambition as she finds the truth in her life when she drifts away from any type of imagined or realized compartment that society has placed her.

Part I - Coriander
Everywoman is involved with random chores usually given to women and girls. By pointing to the term "women's work" as has been quoted and discussed in various books on homemaking and housewifery, this section comments on the thankless tasks bestowed to women and questions the authenticity of such stereotyping tasks. 

Part 2 - Hollyhock
This section shows Everywoman escaping, both mentally and physically, from the drudgery of the monotonous work of keeping a home. She regards her life with a contemplative eye and starts to dream about what-ifs. 

Below are links to Everywoman's thoughts from individual photographs in this section. 

The Reflection
Squinty and Hot

Part 3 - Chrysanthemum
Everywoman has found her personal voice by experimenting with the senses of touch, smell, sight, and the art of listening. She is playful and relaxed with no worry.