Raystown Lake

Holga images
Handbound book 5" x 7"
Gelatin silver prints - full frame using filed negative carrier
Parchment interleaving paper 
Ink jet print (color image from scanned negatives) 4" x 12"

I read Henry David Thoreau's Walden during the same summer I vacationed with my husband's family on a houseboat traversing Raystown Lake, a twisty-turny region tucked in the middle of Pennsylvania. I photographed with the Holga camera, a tool known to create blurry or imperfect images, and made a book of my experience. The interleaving paper is filled with selected paragraphs from Walden in my handwriting. I felt this pairing best discussed my feelings at the time. What is provided here is a selection of images from the 44 page book.