Studio 280 | A Newsletter

Fall 2017
"On the art of fixing a shadow." William Henry Fox Talbot.
Some things are destined to be taken for granted. Once in a while we ponder the origins of these things but then continue our consumption of them. Electricity, indoor plumbing, air and car travel… Some things we contemplate about more than others and for me it’s photography. This phenomenon is so easy to take for granted today as we have our smart phones, tablets, and computers readily available. It is simple to take pictures these days, but I think it might be harder to make photographs. . .   read more


Summer 2017
Summertime Blues Happiness
Do you remember the writing assignment in grade school that started, 'What I Did on My Summer Vacation...'? I loved that assignment. More so on the thought provoking side than the actual writing it out on wide ruled notebook paper with perfect spelling and grammar to boot. I enjoyed remembering the activities I did during the entire summer break. That reflection would make me happy to know I did a lot of really fun things and then was able to sort of brag about it all. . . read more


Spring 2017
"Art demands of us that we shall not stand still." Ludwig van Beethoven.
There are a lot of photographic film negatives in binders on shelves in my darkroom. Since I started studying analog photography in 1998 I also started understanding the importance of archiving and storage of these organic materials. Quite a lot have survived, but there are some that have damage. The question is, will I ever reprint these negatives? Or better yet, print the negatives that were never printed? ... read more


Winter 2017
10 Second Artist Statement
The first few seconds upon meeting somebody are the ones that make that lasting impression. In the book I'd rather be in the studio! the author remarks on this and suggests summarizing your artist statement to one sentence that takes about 10 seconds to verbalize. I rewrote my artist statement and made it something that can change as my art changes but still remain the same as far as basic theory and personal drive. This statement is what I need to summarize and whittle down to ten seconds. ... read more