Works in progress - studio and darkroom 


August 2017

I've had the same dentist for over 25 years. He makes his office fun by crowding all the walls of every room with framed posters and photographs, accolades and letters. Advertising balloons of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and Crayola crayons hang from the ceiling. He also has an early print of mine, which he framed and added to his collection on a wall in the reception room. My dentist is a big fan of black and white photography. Twice a year when I see him, he always asks, "How's 'Pittsboyg'? When is your coffee table book coming out?" And every time I inwardly cringe as I repeat my answer of, "still working on it." Knowing his passion for cars (particularly Packards) I recently scanned through my contact sheets from 2004 to the present day and noticed I have just a few photographs of cars. Picking these 15 out, printing each negative in the darkroom, then binding them simply in folded paper with cotton thread.... I made my dentist a coffee table book.


IMG_0469 IMG_0470

IMG_0472 IMG_0471



Spring 2017

My parents found a loaded Diana camera, still in its original box with the instructional booklet, at an antique store recently. Knowing I'm a sucker for plastic cameras, they bought it. The proprietor thought the film was the initial roll sold with the camera. Not knowing the entire life cycle of this camera, I glommed on to it right away and started exposing the film to finish that roll. Taking care but also very eagerly I developed the film and pushed it a little using a strong dilution of HC110. Nothing came out on the roll. But, what's this? An image? So faint I had to really use my imagination. I printed that one frame with the aperture all the way open, 20 seconds, and a filter 5. And there on my photo paper was a faint image of a nicely dressed couple standing on a sidewalk against a brick wall. I scanned it and let Photoshop help me out a bit and here is what I got: