The following selected projects were created and completed while attending Ohio University.

Mini Reality, 2004
This was a required view camera class in the curriculum. Having had 3 years experience at Kent State University with the 4x5 view camera, I embraced this class. The class promoted artistic vision, which allowed me to take the rules I learned previously and dramatically break them.

Lift Point, 2005
During my first summer break I road tripped with my parents on a route we travelled numerous times in my childhood. The goal was to meet family in Wisconsin and to enjoy different locations along the way. Our loop starts in Northeastern Ohio and includes Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, Illinois, Indiana and western Ohio. However, this particular time was a more melancholy trip. We reached the specific destination in Wisconsin with the purpose this time to spread the ashes of our family who we visited so frequently in the past. These images are meant to be a childhood memory trying to be recreated through adult eyes.

Anon., 2005
I followed tourists in touristy areas (specifically coastal Maine and Savannah, Georgia) and made photographs of them from the perspective of a child's height. I used the Holga camera and "shot from the hip" without looking through the viewfinder. The photographs remind me of glimpses of my memories of traveling with my parents during my childhood. To obscure the people or situations even more, I painted over them with acrylic paint. This layer represents the cloudy way our memories work.

Anonymous Interstices, 2006
MFA Thesis Exhibit
Lines from utility poles symbolize the energy between people, strangers or not. The color photographs represent the people from all different kinds of situations and locations. These photographs were made in the similar manner as Anon.; shot from the hip using a Holga. Together, these photographs talk about the uncanny connection people make when they inadvertently interact in touristy situations, running errands, or random acts of kindness on a typical day. It's an interstitial moment in time.